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A Tour of AssociCom A Tour of AssociCom This first video provides a high level overview of all the major features that AssociCom has to offer. video preview AssociCom Introduction Introduction to association social community software.

AssociCom is online community software that has been designed specifically for associations and clubs. It has a wide variety of features to allow association members and staff to interact with one another, share information, and learn from each other.

This help page is designed to help you learn more about AssociCom as well as providing more detailed information to accomplish various tasks within AssociCom. At the bottom of this page there are a variety of videos that we have put together to help people learn to use AssociCom.

This video provides a high level overview of what AssociCom is and how it can help you to interact with and learn from your colleagues/peers within your association.

Sharing Documents and Links

One of the main ideas in AssociCom is that an association's online community should be a place where you go to find information about your profession/interests. As association members carry out their jobs on a day to day basis they will often come across information (eBooks, blog posts, white papers, etc.) that would be interesting to other members. AssociCom makes sharing and organizing this type of information as easy as possible. For example, if you already have something you want to share, you can just follow this link, and in a few easy steps you can share it with everyone in the association. If you add the Bookmark Button below to your browser; you can add a library item to the community even more easily any time you have your browser open.

AssociCom also has sophisticated capabilities for organizing and assessing information. For example, once you have uploaded a new eBook or shared a link to a blog post, you can start a discussion about an interesting piece of information from it. Such discussions are directly attached to the the information you have shared, which makes it easy for everyone else to understand the context for the discussion. AssociCom also allows you to tag content or give it a rating, which will help make that content more useful to others.

Starting a Discussion

One of the most common activities for people involved in online communities is discussing interesting news or information with their colleagues and peers. AssociCom makes it easy to start a new discussion, or to browse through existing discussions. You can also discuss specific documents or links that have been shared. You do this by finding the document in question and then choosing the Add Comment action.

Asking a Question

Have you ever run into a problem at work that none of your co-workers could help with because it dealt with a fairly specialized area of expertise. These situations are exactly when you want to reach out to the experts within your association and get their help. AssociCom has specific features for asking questions, and you can ask a question to everyone on the site by following this link. It is also easy to see questions that other have already asked. Questions are actually considered to be a type of discussion, so they are located in the same place in AssociCom, but they have a unique icon so that they can be easily recognized and you can filter the view so that only questions are shown.

Looking for Information

 Sometimes when you first come to an online community you just want to fund out what has been happening or perhaps you are research a particular topic. AssociCom has a very sophisticated search capability that you can use by following this link. Just type in a word or phrase that indicates what you are looking for. The search capability in AssociCom actually comes in two flavours. There is a simple interface (available via the home page) in which you just provide the search terms that you are interested in. There is also an advanced search which allows you to have much greater control over the types of items that the search returns. For example, you can have a search which looks only at questions within the system.

Getting Updates

You don't necessarily want to have to come and browse through your AssociCom site every day looking for new information. AssociCom solves this problem by making it easy for you to receive email updates when new information is added or when information changes. Most items in AssociCom have a Watch and/or Subscribe action. When you watch an item, then any changes to that item will be sent to you via email on a daily basis. If you watch a folder, then your daily email will include updates about new items that have been added to that folder. Your association may have already set up watches on some folders for you. When you subscribe to an item, you will receive email updates right away when changes are made to that item.

Message People

You can also use AssociCom to communicate directly with other users of the system. The My Messages page allows you to see all the messages that you have sent or received, as well as allowing you to compose a new message to one or more people. Messages in AssociCom are also sent out by email so that the recipient is aware that they have been sent a message.

Video Tutorials

We have developed a number of short video tutorials that provide step be step guidance on how to carry out particular tasks in AssociCom. Here are the most popular.


Bookmark Button

Drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar.

When browsing the web, simply push this button to add pages to your AssociCom Community.

First, in order to ensure that the bookmarklet is easily accessible, please make sure that your bookmarks/favourites bar is shown. Here are instructions on how to make this toolbar visible in a few popular browsers:

Once your bookmarks/favourites bar is visible, Drag the blue button on the right into your bookmarks/favourites toolbar

Bookmarklet to add Web sites to your Community Library Screen Capture with narration of how to install the Bookmark button or Bookmarklet into your browser and an examples of how to use it to easily add web sites into your community library.