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AssociCom is developing a way to access your online community via smart phones and other small screen devices that is intended for use by conference/meeting/event attendees. Online communities can be an integral part of meetings and conferences that extend the conference engagement before and after those hectic few conference days. Mobile conference means conference attendees can organize and stay in touch while they attend the conference.

A mock up is here and a video sneak preview is here

We have incorporated a "Roundtables" function so that attendees can organize themselves based on topics of interest. It has been suggested that a conference could leave blank time and space for these.

Another possibility is providing a facility for allowing attendees to organize one on one meetings.

There are exhibitor lead collection and attendee/exhibitor communication possibilities without exposing email addresses unless desired.

Attendees can see who is attending what and communicate with them.

The possibilities are endless for the real time "What's Hot" function algorithm.

We at AssociCom are most interested in what you would like to see this application do. Let us know . . . thanks.
Bob MacKie
Discussion started by Bob MacKie on 2012/5/23 6:23:58 PM about Meetings/Conferences/Events
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