Analysis of the Technorati Survey

The detailed analysis has three major take-aways:

#1 - "Why are blogs so influential? Bloggers tend to be very honest and sincere in their reviews of products and services. " Technorati did their survey for consumer purchases so it is no wonder that blog sites outrank Facebook et al for influence in purchasing decisions because they are honest opinions, not advertising. Honesty and sincerity create influence in any group; be it friends, family or online association communities. Trust and respect are crucial to networking and reputation building.

#2 - "Consumers Say Smaller Communities Are More Influential." This confirms what I have been telling potential association customers. Association members in particular recognize that "The real value of online communities comes from discussing ideas, sharing information and learning from one another. Rarely does value come from the size of a community."

Final point in the summary - "The biggest takeaway from the Technorati report is that blogging cultivates community, which is where influence is birthed." Couldn't have said it better myself.
Bob MacKie
Comments started by Bob MacKie on 2013/3/12 8:05:18 PM about Blog Influence and Community Size
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