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Discussion Folder created by Terry Coatta on 2012/5/23 12:14:19 AM | 2 Discussions | 3 Watchers
Discussions pertaining to annual meetings, conferences, trade shows and other association get-togethers and how incorporating online communities can add value to those events.
Discussion Folder created by Bob MacKie on 2012/5/22 6:26:17 PM | 2 Discussions | 3 Watchers
1 Answer
Experiences with Public Social Networks
What are your association's experiences with Facebook or any other public social network? We can all learn from positive or negative results.
Question asked by Bob MacKie on 2012/7/18 2:56:30 PM | 1 Answer
0 Replies
Value Creation in Online Communties
I've just uploaded what I found to be a very compelling paper to the library ( that tries to define in a reasonably rigourous way what is means for a community to create value. What I love about this paper is that it looks not just at metrics, but also at tactics for improving value creation. Do you think their approach could be valuable for your association? What do you think of the idea of the "value creation stories" that they dicsuss in Section 7? Do you think writing some of the ...
Discussion by Terry Coatta on 2012/5/30 4:46:12 PM Last modified on 2012/7/16 3:00:06 PM | 0 Replies | 1194 Views
2 Answers
AssociCom versus Facebook or LinkedIn
I am often asked why use Associcom rather than a private group in Facebook or LinkedIn. Terry was recently asked the same question and it prompted his response. What differentiates AssociCom from other public sites for you?
Question asked by Bob MacKie on 2012/6/4 3:29:01 PM | 2 Answers