Conuduct Meetings through the community

his what I got from our Assoc Natl President:

"CJ. We are looking at methods of conducting distributed meetings in the future - potentially a distributed AGM. We could use Routine Orders so that the meeting is restricted to members. We might use the blog function to conduct the meeting and the poll function to vote. A chat or messenger application would be a better means of conducting the meeting. Please contact AssociaCom to see if that is a possible add-in for routine orders. Dave"

Do you or are you planning on having this capability? Could you build one? CJ
asked by Christopher Wallace on 2013/6/4 11:28:09 PM about AssociCom Users
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Conduct Meetings through the community
Hi CJ -
We could build an online meeting service; (we could build almost anything) but for immediate use I would suggest the following:

1. Open an group in the community called AGM 2013 and have those interested join it. That way you have a pool of interested parties and potential volunteers that you can easily communicate with.
2. Prior to the AGM you can use the group to get organized, have members contribute their thoughts on items they would like to have included and you can promote attendance at the virtual AGM.
3. There are many webinar services, both paid for and free. I have put a few in the library, just search on webinar. Many of the paid ones offer free trials. Be sure to have a test run regardless of which you choose.
4. Put a link to the AGM 2013 group on the front page of your community.
5. If you want to restrict access to members there are a number of ways to do that depending on the software you choose.
6. Day of the AGM, you can use the community group for comments, questions and polls. Be sure to have someone on the webinar whose job is to monitor the community.
7. After the AGM, post a link to a recording of the webinar (if available) in the community library. Members that could not make the meeting can comment after the fact.

Last but not least, consider having other smaller meetings as webinars so that organizers and members can get used to the technology before your AGM.

It is a great idea and if there is any way I can help, please contact me.

- Bob
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