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his what I got from our Assoc Natl President:

"CJ. We are looking at methods of conducting distributed meetings in the future - potentially a distributed AGM. We could use Routine Orders so that the meeting is restricted to members. We might use the blog function to conduct the meeting and the poll function to vote. A chat or messenger application would be a better means of conducting the meeting. Please contact AssociaCom to see if that is a possible add-in for routine orders. Dave"

Do you or are you planning on having this capability? Could you build one? CJ
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Privacy - Members only and public/private/connections only profile fields
2 Votes 33%
Communicate - Ability to announce, comment and engage with other members
1 Vote 16%
Email Control - Members choose immediate or daily/weekly summaries
1 Vote 16%
Library - Each member has their own online library
0 Votes 0%
Groups - Availability of private and public groups members can join
1 Vote 16%
Discovery - Ability to collect information, watch, collaborate and question
1 Vote 16%
Flagging and Adjudication of Inappropriate Entries
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Others - Please message Bob MacKie, Thanks :)
This came up in a conversation the other day - How difficult is it to change the site name? For example if the name was originally "AWRA site" and I would like to change it to "AWRA Community", how do I go about doing that?
A prospective customer I was just speaking to asked that when she selects sort by date added that next time she comes to that folder, the sort stay as date added rather than reverting to Sort by Title each time.
I was wondering what the situation is now in regards to installing not an Admin, but a lesser position, called it Moderator for example, only having the authority to 'Invite' new mbrs.

There have already been a couple of errors made by having only one class of Admin to include specific others that only need the authority to invite new mbrs. In the PPCLI case, there should be only two Admin (not incl AssociCom staff), with about 20 Moderators out of a mbrshp of 900. With 'Moderators' authority limited to only inviting new mbrs some of the errors made thus far could be avoided.

PPCLI is a private association and only an Admin can invite a new member. CJ would like to ensure that a newly invited member is required to fill out the mandatory profile fields during the registration process and before they can be fully registered. As it stands, despite having mandatory profile fields, he is having trouble getting members to fill out the mandatory fields.
Is it possible that if in a Library item and you want to send it out to members via the msg, could the item be automatically att to the msg?

How possible would it be to automatically have an individual assigned to the respective Branch Group when they first register as a member?

On our site we now have mandatory profile fields that have to be completed on new member registration. I am just seeing that when a new registering member selects from the mandatory Branch field, if this could not be set up to automatically makethem a member of the coressponding Branch group.
Thank you for your response.

Content is the King.

I will definitely encourage content to be pulled in blog, as far as social networking site is concerned, as would suggest to pull in the profile (and photo) of the new member to be pulled-in, so that the new member , does not have to enter or upload (or just minimal).

Conversely, it should do other way round (pull-off, if you will). A member gets an option to post the sites info into his/her social networking sites (SNS), without signing into any of his/her SNS e.g. For the first time "Check my new powerful social networking site with like minded professional …", then changes according to what the member is doing it. In this way we are also providing content to the members' sites.
Some associations run thin on volunteers and finance.

I definitely would like membership management to be integrated in this site. If you are using an open source platform, then you can easily source the AMS modules and integrate them. Minimally an "Join Association" navigation with three features:

1. Benefits of Membership
2. Online application with payment (linked to PayPal) and welcome letter.
3. Members Directory.

Events and photos of the event demonstrate that association is active. Again an "Events" navigation, with three functions:

1. Upcoming events and paying for it (linking to PayPal), registration email.
2. Photos of the past events.
3. Presentations and summaries from the past events.

The above can also be posted on the blog of the association (pull-out info, as I mentioned in my previous comment)

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