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Communities Are the #1 Initiative
New Data on Social Business: Communities Are the #1 Initiative in 2013 : Enterprise Irregulars

From IDC Survey Feb 2013
by Bob MacKie on 2013/2/14 10:26:52 PM
on 2013/2/19 11:32:08 PM
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This article was written about business/enterprise and their plans for customer communities but it does point out the growing realization that communities have real value.

As it says in the post:
"In our original survey over 4 years ago, companies were very focused on using social for outbound marketing. That wasn’t a surprise, at that time marketing was leading the use of social tools and there was not yet a clear understanding of the value of the conversation over the broadcast and on the value of community and networks. In the next round of surveys the focus shifted to internal collaboration and building a knowledge sharing culture. This phase was important for broadening the scope of social and for drawing more of the employees into the activities. This in turn demonstrated to more groups inside the company how social could provide solid business benefit and opened up new processes to social activities. Last year, as companies matured in the use of social tools, the focus shifted yet again to integrated activities like drawing customers and partners into the network, solving customer issues, getting customer and partner feedback, etc. Important because it started to show the business that the future is really networked and connected."

This probably applies even more to associations, most of which have always faced the challenges of a geographically distributed membership.
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