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The documents here will help you understand what AssociCom is, and why it may be useful to you and the members of your Association.

Remember that this is only an example - the topics are fully configurable by your association.
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AssociCom - what is it and why use it
This is a short (2 page) document that very briefly describes AsssociCom and lists some of the reasons you might consider using it in your professional association.
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AssociCom and Informal Learning
AssociCom and Informal Learning Informal learning is core to the value of professional communities in general, and to the value of associations in particular. This is something we all, as supporters and executives of associations, need to be aware of and foster.
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AssociCom is not facebook
This is a 2-page paper that discusses the difference between AssociCom and "social" networks such as facebook. It is an interesting read that speaks to the power of web 2.0 networking technologies in associations.
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Discovery - What Does It Mean
This document describes arguably the most important aspect of professional networking - discovery - and why it is important. It is a useful read for anyone considering professional networking within their association.
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Important - please read me!
Private versus Public Communities
Draft Dec 21, 2010 Private versus Public Communities 1. Overview AssociCom provides web based communities for associations so that their members can associate virtually. They can associate, discover, learn and share via their computers anytime and anywhere. So how is that different from public sites such like MySpace, Facebook and Ning?
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Public and Private Social Networks
A clip from our Live Show with Murray Goldberg (@MarineLearnSys) and Terry Coatta (@AssociCom) about the Impact of Social Media on Associations.
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What Makes AssociCom Different
by: Terry Coatta and Bob MacKie A one page summary of some points that differentiate AssociCom from other Online Community Software Suppliers.
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