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12 Most Sneaky Ways You’re Killing Your Online Community |
Blog post about common ways an online community dies.
Saved by Terry Coatta on 2011/9/29 9:42:03 PM | 913 Views | 1 Collector
4 Rules For Perfect Facebook Community Management
Although this blog posting mentions Facebook, in fact, the rules apply to any online community.
Saved by Terry Coatta on 2011/10/18 7:30:58 PM | 1193 Views | 1 Collector
6 Easy Ways to Find Compelling Content for Your Blog
Simple tools for finding content for your community. Although the posting is talking about blogging, the techniques work well as a way for finding content to post to your community site.
9 Ways to Drive Online Engagement At Your Next Conference
This is a good posting with some nice practical tips about how to leverage an online community when it comes times for a face to face event (e.g. annual conference).
A Brief Guide To Building Strong Relationships With Key Community Members
Good practical advice about how to establish relationships in an online community. The article is targeted at community managers, but the tactics really apply to anyone who wants to establish stronger relationships in an online forum.
Saved by Terry Coatta on 2011/11/16 6:17:36 PM | 873 Views | 1 Collector
A Social Platform for All
Article about the Success of the FSAE Member Community established in June 2009 Date: Nov 2010 Publisher: ASAE Associations Now Author: Teri Carden, Director of Marketing and Technology for the Florida Society of Association Executives.
Saved by Bob MacKie on 2011/1/27 1:56:15 PM | 995 Views | 3 Collectors
Adding Gamification to Your Community
Gamification may not seem appropriate for an association community, but several of the techniques described in this article do align with features that we have incorporated into AssociCom (reputation, rating, labels) and I think the article raises a good point that there are some fundamental aspects of human behaviour at work here.
Saved by Terry Coatta on 2011/10/25 4:56:53 PM | 971 Views | 1 Collector
Are you a Community Manager or a Conversation Architect?
Concrete advice on how to help create active discussions by being an "architect" rather than a "manager."
Association Engagement - The Kindness of Strangers
by Bob MacKie on Oct 28, 2011 1 Page Association communities can depend on “the kindness of strangers” to bring huge benefits to all association members.
Saved by Bob MacKie on 2011/11/15 3:26:09 PM | 1462 Views | 1 Collector Download
Building A Great Volunteer Community Team
This post lists the characteristics that make a good "community ambassador", that is, a volunteer who can help out with managing the community.
Saved by Terry Coatta on 2011/10/19 3:35:31 PM | 928 Views | 1 Collector
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