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Association Futures
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Social Capital
Social Capital and how it pertains to Associations - Articles, blogs, web sites and documents.
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American Medical Association membership woes continue
Canadian Medical Association Journal Roger Collier August 9, 2011 vol. 183 no. 11 First published July 11, 2011
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Are your customers becoming digital junkies? - McKinsey Quarterly - Marketing & Sales - Digital Marketing
Consumer behavior is shifting rapidly as more people use digital devices and platforms intensively. A McKinsey Quarterly Marketing & Sales article. See the heading: Social networks as communications gateways Social networks, particularly Facebook, are emerging as the dominant digital-communications channels. . .
Best websites balance self-expression and functionality
Penn State Live - The University's Official News Source Published May 7, 2012 The researchers found that people increased their interactivity and developed a greater sense of community when they could write their own blog posts, change the look of their site and add gadgets, such as weather and news feeds, to personalized websites or portals. However, the researchers noted that interactivity and satisfaction dropped if participants had the option to choose from a large number of functional gadgets.
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Bob MacKie's Associcom and Socialnetworking Bookmarks on Delicious
These are Bob's bookmarks on Delicious that have the tag AssociCom and Socialnetworking. You can find other people's bookmarks on Delicious as well. It is the world's leading social bookmarking service.
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Building successful online communities: Evidence-based social design
Books | Robert E. Kraut Kraut, R. E. & Resnick, P. (In press). Building successful online communities: Evidence-based social design. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Includes .pdf of pre-copy edited drafts of the chapters.
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Communities of Practice in the Business and Organization Studies Literature
Information Research - vol. 16 no. 1, March, 2011 Enrique Murillo Department of Business Management, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Mexico City, MexicoAbstract Introduction. Abstract: Introduction. As it approaches the two decade milestone, the concept of community of practice faces what can be described as a midlife crisis. It has achieved wide diffusion, but users have adapted it to suit their needs, leading to a proliferation of diverging interpretations. Recent critiques lament that the concept is losing its coherence and ...
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Google Analytics of Engagement
This shows the burst of activity followed by a decline after two posts Jan 26 and one Jan 29.
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IBM Lurking
  A research report from IBM about how lurkers behave in online communities, and what some of their underlying motivators are for contributing to am online community.              
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