How Do I Get Started Here?

Good question – there is plenty to do and see –
1.       If you are already registered, you will see your profile to the right. If not, click on the button.
2.       Once you are registered, the “Browse” function is available. Clicking the dropdown on any action button reveals the “Browse”
icon. Click “Browse” and start exploring.   You will see all the connected peripheral items. Clicking any of those items moves it to the centre. You can start by clicking here which will take you to a search which lists the most collected items in the library.
3.       Be sure to be a good citizen, click include a picture and description in your profile and introduce yourself.
4.       Invite others by clicking.
5.       Form a group by clicking the tab and then .

You will find information and videos on how to do most things by clicking the “Getting Started” icon  below. If you get stuck, post a question in the Discussions area or contact us.

Why is this site free?

We are convinced that after you try this AssociCom online community; you will want your own.  You can easily transition your group from here to your own customizable, completely private online community. You then have the ability to customize the profile fields, add you own logos and other branding and have multiple administrators.  The total cost for a 500 member site is $50/month. Details are here.

Whats New:

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